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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How far in advance do we need to plan for an In Conversation?

If you’re interested in hosting an In Conversation, please plan ahead. Quite a few of our presenters currently schedule appearances a year or two in advance.

Are other In Conversation programs offered?

At the moment, these are the only two programs offered. However, with Program B, if you’re interested in something other than concurrent, small-group breakout sessions, let us know. We’ll gladly work with you.

Are these the only In Conversations pairings available?

For the moment, yes. However, if you’re interested in an In Conversation not currently offer, please let us know. Down the road, we anticipate offering additional options.

Are we able to request topics for the In Conversation?

If there are particular topics you’d like the presenters to cover during their conversation and presentations, let us know. In fact, we encourage you to request subjects. It leads to a much more organic discussion.

Can an In Conversation be part of an educator in-service training/professional development program?

Absolutely! More and more schools and districts are bringing in authors to be a part of their in-service training and/or professional development programs. Many of our authors are teachers and former teachers with advanced education degrees.

How much does the In Conversation cost?

Pricing varies. It depends on the presenters and depends on the program. For some of the presenters, it also depends on the distance they’re required to travel.