The Author Village is a community of forward-thinking and award-winning children’s book authors and illustrators available for school visits, library visits, festivals, conferences, panels, workshops, and special events.

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The Author Village understands the immeasurable value of in-person author visits and believes that all children should have access to these powerful and inspirational experiences. The Author Village is committed to creating meaningful and fun educational events that will open young hearts and minds and help foster a lifelong love for reading, writing, and the arts.

The Author Village understands the immeasurable value of in-person author visits and believes that all children should have access to these powerful and inspirational experiences. The Author Village is committed to creating meaningful and fun educational events that will open young hearts and minds and help foster a lifelong love for reading, writing, and the arts.

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Laurie Halse Anderson

“Working with students and educators is one of my favorite parts of being a writer!”

Derek Anderson

“It’s important to give kids a glimpse into creating stories and pictures. Ideas never come fully formed.  I want every student to walk away from my presentations knowing that if they’re willing to put in the time, work hard, and believe, they can do absolutely anything in this world.”

Elizabeth Acevedo

“As a young person, reading opened up the world for me and gave me refuge and wonder when I needed it most. I hope my work does the same for young people of this generation.”

Kevin Lewis

“I want kids to see words as something they can play with just like they play with their toys. Words are like sand on the beach – effortless and eternal and there for anyone. Build a castle out of it, dig a hole in it, or just scrunch it with your toes. But you can’t hurt sand, and sand can’t really hurt you. Same goes for words. So have fun!”

LeUyen Pham

“Why do I make books? That’s easy. A book sits with you in your secret corner or in your favorite chair on a rainy day, and whispers in your ear, “You’re okay, I’m here. Let me tell you a story…” It’s like a hug made solid. That’s what I do. I make hugs for a living.”

Loren Long

“I love telling kids I’m from a little city in the Midwest and that the folks in the big cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles need us. Growing up, my parents didn’t know anyone. I didn’t have any connections. Just because you’re from a big city doesn’t mean you’re more talented and gifted. We all have talents and gifts.”

Matthew Cordell

“One of the great pleasures of my career is being able to meet the many children and adults all over who might have encountered my books. It means so much to be invited into a school, a book festival, or a conference to share my love of reading, writing, and drawing with children, educators, and parents who in turn provide endless inspiration to me.”

Meg Medina

“We worry that children can’t see futures for themselves, that they can’t imagine a change in their circumstances. But I say that aspiration is born the moment a child can imagine something to be true for him or herself. Having the chance to meet authors in the flesh helps kids see how the power of words and story – including their own – works in this world. It opens the imagination. What if? What if that could be me?”

Phil Bildner

“When I get up in front of a library or auditorium full of kids, I’m of the mind this could be the first and only time they ever get to meet and interact with a real life author. I feel it’s my duty – my moral responsibility – to rock their world. It’s my duty to motivate and inspire.”

Lauren Castillo

“When I was young, it was the art in picture books that inspired me to read and to create my own stories. I love to share with children how I went from being a little girl who struggled with reading, to an adult who now writes and illustrates her own books. I’m so thankful I get to wake up every day and make books for kids, and my hope is these books inspire them to create, just as picture books did for me.”

Mike Curato

“I love drawing and writing more than cake and cookies (and that’s a lot). I love sharing the joy of reading and my dessert. You have to try it!!”

Alexander London

“I believe there is a book out of there for every child, and that every child deserves a book that feels like it was written just for them. In speaking to students, whatever their age, I try to ignite their imaginations, expand their sense of what is possible, and connect them to the amazing community of readers in which each and every one of them has a place if they choose to find it.”

Laurel Snyder

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has a book only they can write. It’s critical to me that kids value their thoughts, feelings and experiences–the fun ones and the tough ones too–and learn to tell their own stories. I want them to know how powerful they can be.”

Ibi Zoboi

“I am most interested in documenting the specificity of our children’s lives and helping them dig deep into their memories, observations, and imaginations to tell their own stories. Books are a way of shouting to the world that we are here and we have a voice.”

Brendan Kiely

“There’s nothing I love more than sharing my passion and enthusiasm for social justice and literature with young people and educators. In all my stories, both as a writer and as a presenter, I try to offer road maps to help us become better listeners, to cultivate empathy, and to find the courage it takes to stand up when we need to. Young folks inspire me to do this work, and I try to give all my energy right back to them in return..”

Jeff Zentner

“I became a writer of youth literature after working with young adults at Tennessee Teen Rock Camp and Southern Girls Rock Camp, and coming to know how incredible they are, combining the curiosity and wonder of childhood with the intellect of adulthood. I consider it the greatest honor to write stories for and about these amazing people and to talk to them and hear their stories.”

Aisha Saeed

“I never saw myself in the stories I read as a child so I wrote them myself. I enjoy sharing points of view that don’t often get considered and underscoring the common threads of humanity that bind us together. I hope to help all students realize just how important their stories are and how much their voice matters.”

Susan Campbell Bartoletti

“I’m often asked if I write the books I do to teach readers or to show them how good they have it today. I don’t. I hope that my work gives readers courage — courage to question, courage to think critically, courage to stand up, and most of all, courage to make a difference.”

Tracey Baptiste

“Books are a unique magic that casts a different spell on every reader each time they read it. In every story I write, and in every presentation I give, I’m thinking about all the many ways words can come back again and again, creating new meaning in readers as they grow.”

John Parra

“I have loved creating art all my life, but I did not always know I would grow up to be a professional illustrator. Everything changed the day a famous artist visited my art class. After that, I knew what I wanted to be. Today when I visit schools, it is this inspiration I want to share with students. I want students to find a voice and to see a path and a passion for what is possible.”

Adam Silvera

“Like most authors, I spend so much time alone writing my books and hoping they will connect with someone. When I’m privileged enough to present to young people, it’s always a circle of inspiration. I encourage them to follow their dreams, and they remind me why I pursued mine.”

Samira Ahmed

“As a former teacher, and now a writer and presenter, I hope to share my love of story with students and educators, and show them the magic of words. Every child deserves to see themselves as a hero on the page–I hope to help create a world where that is possible.”

Ellen Oh

“I believe in the power of books. The power of reading. And the power of representation. I write the books that I wished I’d had when I was young. And I hope to encourage and inspire new generations of writers and creators to find their voices and tell their stories.”

Raùl the Third

“I travel the country to teach students everywhere that you don’t need a big budget to realize your dreams. I show them that inspiration for their stories and drawings lies within them, their families, and the people living in their communities.”

Molly Idle

“When I was little, I found that the pictures in stories spoke to me. And now that I’m grown, I make pictures and stories that speak for me.”

Samantha Berger

“Rock what ya got and rock it A LOT.
Don’t let anyone say what you’re NOT
Find your own YOU and carve out your spot!
Take it, and love it and rock IT — A LOT.”

Erin Entrada Kelly

“My message to young readers is simple: Be yourself. Be resilient. Be kind.”

Audrey Vernick

“Students frequently ask what inspired me to be a writer. There are many answers, but I think this is the truest: the books I loved as a young reader are ones I read often and loved deeply. I still think of the characters from those pages as cherished childhood friends.”

Cristin Terrill

“I love working with students because it gives me the chance to let them in on the secrets I never knew when I was their age: you don’t have to be perfect at something the first time you try it, we’re all just making it up as we go along and trying to do our best, and you have something worth saying that can only come from you.”

Brandy Colbert

“I grew up surrounded by books, and I’m committed to writing stories that reflect the beautiful diversity of our world in all its forms. It’s a privilege to write for young people, and I love helping them take pride in developing and sharing their own stories.”

Dashka Slater

“My life as a writer and journalist is fueled by curiosity and that is the sensibility I bring with me into schools, whether I’m talking with kindergarteners or high school seniors. Curiosity is the engine that powers both creativity and empathy, and I want kids to leave my presentation burning with the desire to find out more about the world.”

Leah Henderson

“When I write and when I speak to young people and adults, I want them to understand that each and every one of us can find a world of possibilities within the pages of a book and beyond. I want them to see how being open to experience can hold a special kind of magic.”

Linda Sue Park

“When I visit a school, my aim is two-fold: to get kids excited about reading, and to inspire teachers and administrators – because they’ll be there, on the front lines every day, long after I leave. I believe that kids who say they don’t like to read just haven’t met the right books yet – and one of the greatest things school communities can do for their students is to turn them ALL into readers. It’s a gift that lasts a lifetime.”

Lisa Yee

“Connecting with readers is everything. I love sharing stories about my awkward youth, the reason I was terrified to pursue my dream to become an author, and why books mean the world to me. Plus, I reveal the writing revelation that hit me when broccoli came out my nose.”

Nina LaCour

“Engaging with readers and emerging writers fills me with energy and joy, so I strive – every time – to do the same for the young people and adults I’m fortunate to visit. My hope is that they’ll leave our time together inspired and ready to create, knowing that their own story is important and worthy of being shared.”

Ronald L. Smith

“When I was in middle school, I dreamed of being a writer, but never realized that one day that dream would come true.”

Elana K. Arnold

“As a kid for whom the world felt out of control and uncertain, books were a place where things made sense. My work is to continue to make sense of the world through telling stories, and I hope that young people can feel seen, understood, and empowered through engaging with my books and presentations.”

Vera Brosgol

“As a lonely kid who moved a lot, books were a treasured constant in my life. Now as an author (and mercifully, an adult) I try to help kids have the feeling of being seen that reading gave me. And nothing beats pouring your guts out in a story and hearing someone say “hey, me too.””

Pablo Cartaya

“I speak to young people around the country not so much to promote my books, but to connect with them. I want them to know that their voices matter. I use my books, my acting experience, and my multilingualism to make them laugh, dance, and think. Es mi gran honor I get to do this for a living.”

Alex Gino

“Representation in books is vital, but the power of meeting a real, live adult living their truth is irreplaceable for kids working to make sense of themselves and the world they live in. Every school is different, and I love going in and learning where folks are and building from there.”

Tiffany Jackson

“I aim to be a living breathing example for kids that yes, you too can be a writer. Yes, you should tell your story. Yes, you can change the world with your art. Yes, you should, without a doubt, follow your dreams.”

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