Gary R. Gray, Jr. (he/him)

“Seeing ourselves in stories can give us a sense of belonging and inspire us to pursue our dreams. When we read about characters like us achieving their goals, we’re encouraged to believe in our potential and strive for success in our own lives with renewed confidence.”


Gary R. Gray Jr has taught internationally for over ten years, specifically focusing on Primary Years Program, Reading and Writing Workshop, and United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. He has an M.Ed in Early Elementary Pedagogy with a focus on Culturally Responsive Teaching. He’s taught in lower and upper elementary classrooms, that consist of children from many different countries around the world. He currently teaches third grade at the United Nations International School in Hanoi.

Gary is Black Canadian. He grew up in Preston, Nova Scotia, Canada’s largest Black community. His debut picture book, I’m From, illustrated by Oge Mora, arrives in September 2023.

When he is not in the classroom, Gary enjoys coaching basketball, storytelling, sneaker shopping, traveling, and hanging out with family.

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