Aisha Saeed

“I never saw myself in the stories I read as a child so I wrote them myself. I enjoy sharing points of view that don’t often get considered and underscoring the common threads of humanity that bind us together. I hope to help all students realize just how important their stories are and how much their voice matters.”


Aisha Saeed is the Pakistani-American author of the critically acclaimed middle grade novel, Amal Unbound and the ground-breaking teen novel, Written in the Stars. She is also a founding member of the grass-roots, non-profit organization, We Need Diverse Books.

As a child, Aisha loved writing, but her love for writing often got her into trouble. Instead of paying attention in math, she would outline story ideas in her textbook. Throughout middle school and high school, she filled notebook after notebook with stories and ideas.

But then for many years, Aisha stopped writing.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Florida and became a teacher. Then she earned a law degree from Georgia State University College of Law and became a lawyer. But that burning desire to write never disappeared. Aisha often blogged about wanting to write a novel. She often talked about wanting to write a novel. But it wasn’t until a life-changing conversation with a dear friend that Aisha decided to finally give it a go. We’re all glad she did.

These days, Aisha lives in Atlanta with her husband and three sons. When she isn’t writing or chasing after her little boys, she loves to read, bake, doodle henna patterns, and dream about sleeping in.

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