Mychal Threets

“Library joy and book joy are what I’m all about. We all belong in our libraries!”


Mychal Threets is a librarian. He grew up in Fairfield, CA- right between Sacramento and San Francisco. He grew up in libraries as a homeschool kid.

Mychal loves stories! He enjoys learning something new every day, and that includes learning why people love their local library. He utilizes social media to share the stories of library kids and library grown-ups that he encounters in library land.

He got his first library card at the age of 5 and was hooked on libraries from there. He got his first library job as a library shelver at the library he grew up in and worked his way up to become Supervising Librarian of that very same library.

He got his Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Phoenix and his Master’s in Library and Information Science degree from San Jose State University. He is proud to be a 2023 recipient of the American Library Association’s “I Love My Librarian” Award!

He is very open about his mental health. He talks about it in hopes that it’ll help others in their mental health journey. He is adamant about encouraging people to believe him when he says he’s happy they are here.

When Mychal isn’t at the library or talking about libraries, he’s often with his family, friends, or troublesome cats- Machine Gun Kitty and Kissin’ Kat Barlow.”

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