School in 2020: What’s Working and What’s Not

Fine Tuning While Teaching in Three Different School Models

Three expert educators — Sara Ahmed, Chad Everett, and Pernille Ripp — are currently teaching in three different school re-entry models: in-person, hybrid/concurrent, and fully remote. Join them as they share real talk about teaching in this challenging moment in time. 

While no one could have predicted what our back-to-school reality would be across the world, one thing is clear: educators are rapidly changing their practices to fit unprecedented challenges and obstacles. 

So how do we sustain ourselves while also engaging all of our students? What is  helping to build community, deepen engagement, and giving us hope about what education may look like and could be during a pandemic? How do we center our teaching work in best practices when many of us are in survival mode? Using the feedback from educators and students alike, how can we shift our educational practices, invest in the changes that are giving us results, and reimagine what our day-to-day role may look like? 

Join educators Sara Ahmed (Director of Curriculum Integration, author, and current 5th grade hybrid teacher), Chad Everett (middle school teacher and basketball coach turned assistant principal), and Pernille Ripp (Founder of the Global Read Aloud, author, and current 7th grade English teacher, fully remote) as they discuss the reality of the work and the practical ways in which they’re reshaping their instruction to reach all of their students and staff and to also protect their own health and well-being.